Prices 2018

Lot plaeces trailer, caravan / camper

Parcel terrace standard size (to 65 sqm ) 9,00€
Parcel terrace comfort size (to 100 sqm) 12,00€
Parcel around the lake (to 95 sqm) 12,00€
Parcel panorama / in view of lake (to 95 sqm) 15,00€
1 Car and 1 small tent (max. 6 sqm) up parcel inclusive  

Tent plateau / tent meadow

Tent (to 9 sqm) 5,50€
Tent (from 9 sqm and bigger) from 8,50€/12,50€/15,50€
Car 2,50€
Motorbike 2,00€
Mini bus / Camper bus 8,00€

Touristencamping - People charge

Adult off 17 years 7,50€
Child by 0-3 years 2,50€
Child by 4-16 years 4,50€
Dog 4,50€

Electrics and hot shower:

Power 10A - flat rate per night 2,95€ or 0,75€ per unit - dependent on place.

Hot shower per unit => 0,50€


Reduction in the Pre- and Off- season (VS and NS):

20 % on the current price from 1 night as per prices standing before.

Camper parking lot (within the place) and camper meadow, as well as power and other additional costs (e.g. showering) not able of discount.

Price example:
2 adults, category terrace comfort size -->
regular price per night 27,00 euros -->
less 20 % Pre- or Off- season discount =
21,60 € per night plus power and hot showering.

As well a perhaps special actions in accordance with internet.

Seasontime (Pre-season and Off-season) see below.


Youngster, youth groups and tent groups only after previous registration.
Youngster less than 18 years only in company of an education beneficiary.
From 10 youngsters 2 companions.

No caravan / trailer on tent meadow and tent plateau. Passenger car at the tent only after consultation on the reception. Tent areas as a rule freely from cars.


Camper parking lot (within the place) / camper meadow - allocation according to weather

Pre- and Off- season (seasonal times see below) 12,75€
Peak season (periods see below) 19,00€
Camper more than 7,50 mtr. - plus per night 3,00€ or 4,00€
Power 6A - flate rate per night 2,95€
Hot shower per unit 0,50€

Prices are valid for 1-2 adults.
Other/more people and dog specially.

No caravan / trailer on tent meadow and tent plateau.


Seasonal times 2018

Peak season (HS):

* From the 18. May  to the  02. June 2018  (including)
* From the 29. June to the 08. Sept. 2018 (including)

Pre- and Off- season (VS and NS):

* From the 23. March to the 17. May 2018 (including)
* From the 03. June  to the  28. June 2018
* From the 09.  Sept. to the  14. Oct. 2018


ADAC-Camp-Card/ANWB and ACSI-Spar-Card:

Valid in Pre- and Off- season.

Price per night 17,00 € - in the price included:
2 adults, parking lots category terrace standard size,
5 kWh/6A power per night, 1 hot shower unity per person/night and 1 dog.

Other categories Suburb by additional payment and availability with pleasure possibly.

(Conditions and details in accordance with default supplier).

Not with other discounts and price advantages combinably.


Long-term places (permanent places)

Summer from 28.Mar. or 28.Apr. - 31.Oct. off 1.260,00€/1.150,00€
Winter from 25.Oct. - 30.Apr. off 495,00€
Whole year camping off 1.580,00€ plus additional costs-all-inclusive 140,00€ p.a. - power and hot showering specially.
Second flat tax of municipality following long-term places and seasonal places at the moment 40,00 - 80,00€ p.a.

Dogs - ONLY for Tourismuscamping:

1 dog per journay/stand with pleasure welcome. Also in the high-leval season.
Swimming with dog and outlet at the big dog bath meadow.

Linen duty in the camping area.

No fightings dogs.

Status Feb. 2018 - subject to change -